Kasa Information Brief

Kasa Initiative Ghana (Information Brief) Introduction Kasa Initiative Ghana is registered as an independent CSO mechanism to support concerted engagement with government, Donor community and private sectors in the management of Ghana’s natural resources since 2014 after its pilot phase ended in 2013. Kasa as an independent CSOs initiative is managed by an institutional arrangement […]

Greening the political agenda of Ghana

Greening The Political Agenda of Ghana

KASA Ghana together with A Rocha Ghana engaged the media and CSOs to look at the need for political parties to incorporate Solution based approach on the need to critical look at, and bridge the gap on Environmental issues and the need to address these issues as a country. It is crucial for political parties […]


Kasa Initiative Ghana and PEF signs MoU to Promote Environmental Sustainability

Kasa Initiative Ghana  has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Private Enterprise Federation (PEF) to collaborate  on common projects  in the areas of Climate Change, Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability. Speaking at the signing ceremony, Mr. Charles Agboklu, the Chairperson of Kasa Initiative Ghana, stated that, the main aim of the partnership is […]

COP 25

Climate change: Five things we’ve learned from Madrid talks

At the conclusion of UN climate talks in Madrid, our environment correspondent Matt McGrath considers the key lessons. 1 – Leadership is REALLY important COP25 in Madrid only happened because the Chilean government, faced with mounting civil disorder, decided to cancel the meeting in Santiago. Spain stepped in and in three weeks organised a well-resourced […]