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KASA Initiative Ghana is a Natural Resource and Environment (NRE) Civil Society Platform that supports advocacy in seven (7) NRE thematic sectors with a Secretariat coordinating the activities.
Kasa creates platforms that facilitate the interactions among CSOs, state institutions and development partners on NRE issues.

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Kasa Steering Committe
Communique issued at the end of the 10th annual CSO General NRE review forum of Kasa Initiative Ghana

PREAMBLE We members of KASA, an umbrella body of 7 coalitions of natural resources related non-governmental and civil society organisations, having met at our Annual Review/General Meeting (AGM) from 13th to 14th of November, 2019, at Aknac Hotel, Adjiriganor in Accra; And having considered and discussed some crucial developments and issues within the country’s natural […]

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