Ninth (9th) Civil Society Annual Review Forum on the Natural Resources and Environment Sector

THEME: “Review of CSO’s Stakeholder Engagements on Effective
National Resources Governance in Ghana: Challenges and Prospects”

As part of making Kasa more effective in their approach towards engaging duty bearers to
respond to natural resources management issues communiques are issued annually for the past
eight years. Moving forward, Kasa finds it appropriate after these eight years to review its own
strategies in order to redesign future strategies for more impactful outcomes.

The main objective of the assignment is to support Kasa Initiative Ghana conduct an assessment
of the effectiveness of its strategies at engaging stakeholders on NRE sector through their policies
and programmes.

Conduct a review of Kasa’s past communiques for eight years to assess effectiveness

Specifically, the 2018 CSO NRE Review is including review of past communiques for their
effectiveness in each sector and receive recommendations from experts on strategies to adopt
going into the future to become more effective and relevant in the sectors


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