Yensore Phase 1

Yensore Programme (2017-2021)
Aim- 1. Joining efforts to advocate for local communities against the irresponsible
management of natural resources and climate matters.
2. Empowers local communities and links local advocacy efforts to national and
international levels.
The Programme is a partnership of four Ghanaian NGOs
Kaas’s mandate under the Programme:

Specific Objective 2- CSOs have increased or sustain their capacity as legitimate and vibrant
advocates for the rights of natural resource dependent communities and for inclusive
sustainable development.
Result Area 2:
 Core partner organisations are well-governed, legitimate and effective advocates with
enhanced capacity to facilitate opportunities for natural resource dependent
communities to claim their rights.
 Core partners integrate tools and approaches for community-based adaptation to
climate change and disaster risk reduction in their programmes as part of
strengthening community adaptive capacity and resilience to climate-induced natural
Specific Objective 3- Government, and companies are accountable and responsive to the
rights, needs and interest of natural resources dependent communities.

Results area 3:
 Core partners & CSOs platforms have influenced / contributed to effective
implementation, regulation and law enforcement in the natural resources sector;
 Core partners mobilise civil society coalitions, create awareness, and monitor human
rights issues in the extractives using international mechanisms, including the UN
Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGP), the UN Universal
Periodic Review Mechanism and the SDG framework to present evidence and call for
 Core partners and CSOs influence climate change policies and programmes through
a more coordinated engagements and concerted advocacy for inclusive and
equitable climate financing to address the needs of vulnerable communities.